For a few years now there has been an apparent change of goal by the world community, displacing their anti-Semitic rhetoric for anti-Israel diatribe.  The best minds in Europe, the minds of those that believe themselves to be the torch bearers for that great European tradition of enlightened thought, have made a great effort to establish that in fact European anti-Semitism was dead and that now they could move to freely criticize Israel without fear of being taken for run of the mill, common, low-life anti-Semites.  Of course, I ceased to have respect for European thinkers one morning when I woke up and had the simple realization that Europe had brought to the world murderous religious invasions, the destruction of centuries of accumulation of Greek and Roman thought, the repetitive slaughter of innocent Jews blamed for bringing about the various plagues that afflicted Europeans during the ages, the darkness of the dark age and middle periods, the torture, murder and expulsion of Jews from various countries of which Spain has been such a vanguard, the establishment of colonies throughout the world with the subsequent abuses of human rights, oppression, force conversions to whatever religion prevailed at the time, the arbitrary partition of the geopolitical world that eventually became the very cause of the current wars in the middle East, the First World War to end all wars, the Second World War, and of course, the Holocaust.   At that point, I decided that perhaps this movement claiming that being anti-Israel was not being anti-Semitic was another disguise, one more in their long tradition of preparing the grounds for genocide.  I have begun to think of the Europeans as master agronomists, capable of turning any ground into fertile ground for hate, hostility and mass murder.

Of course, it is possible to criticize the state of Israel without being an anti-Semite.  The problem then, becomes one of not being so consistently so and so irrationally so, and finally being so capable of absolute bias to the point of denying reality and hence, dangerously walking the line of societal psychosis.

I have known now for decades that the Europeans were also adding their crown jewel to the long list of accomplishments throughout history.  That is, the self-destruction of their own nations.  But the fact remains that many European nations are now ticking bombs awaiting some, as of yet, unknown signal to explode into large revolutions where civilizations of unassimilated immigrants with philosophies incompatible with those of their host countries will clash with a weakened and cowardly remnant of the European nations as we once knew them.  It would be pure semantics to try to diffuse my argument by countering that nations need evolve, for I am not talking of evolution, but revolution.  I am not talking of cleaning the façade of the Louvre Museum, but of burning its contents for they represent a corruptive force in light of more enlightened and ancient philosophies that managed to dynamite thousand year old Buda statues that were corrupting the environment.  I know it will be easier to deal with artworks done on canvas.

So, what, pray you, has brought the final straw to this equation that now may clearly break the camel’s back?  What is the proof that this entire harangue conveys, in fact, the seed of reality?

On July 29 of 2006 in Seattle, Washington of all places, a hate crime against Jews was committed.  It did not come from nowhere as is often said in these cases and as I am sure, we will be asked to believe in this particular instance.  They usually say the perpetrator was deranged, or was under great stress, or no one knew what he was up to, or that there were no connections to the outside world or to other persons.  But in this particular case, a Muslim, a foreigner from Pakistan that had become an American citizen, that had been living in our country amidst all the freedoms that it offers, whose father had been central in building a Muslim center in the city, had simply become fed up with Israel.  So, what does a person that becomes fed up with Israel do?  Well, of course, it goes and shoots down a bunch of Jews.  So Naveed Afzal Haq, broke into the building of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and began shooting at some women that were inside the building at the time.  He killed one and wounded severely another five.

The point that I am making is that when a person is “fed up with Israel”, that person proceeds to attack some Jews in Seattle.  The point that I am trying to make, the issue I am trying to shed light onto is that when the enlightened Europeans say that they are not anti-Semitic, just anti-Israel, they are as clearly off the track as is our Seattle criminal, Mr. Haq:  He simply was more honest.  And clearly, he operated in a more accelerated time table and in an apparent reverse fashion, i.e., he did not attack Israel but the Jews.  We are to presume that the Europeans are not attacking Jews, only Israel with their policies and diatribe.  We are to believe that those that consistently attack Israel do it out of pure political conviction and that their utterances are not guided by an inner anti-Semitic streak.

But what does it take to be so consistently anti-Israel.  If we analyze the particulars we shall come to the conclusion that such enlightened thinkers have very few choices to make.  Israel is the only democracy in the region, the only nation where people are truly free to express their philosophical and political ideas without fear of repression, amputation or decapitation.   Of all the nations in that region, Israel is the one that treats the best both its citizens and its legal and illegal inhabitants.  Israel is the most creative both artistically and scientifically of all those nations.  So when other nations and individuals protest against Israel, they must shut their minds to all the horrible acts being committed by the surrounding nations, they must be able to consider Israel in vacuum.  This can only be accomplished by denying reality and this is closely connected with psychotic thought processes.  But if they are aware of the atrocities perpetrated in the neighboring countries and the bulk of their criticism is not directed at those nations but at Israel, then, they are highly hypocritical and biased in their thought processes.   These are the only two choices available for the enlightened Europeans that so consistently criticize Israel.

As to the rest of the world, those that are eager to accept as fact that Israel must be guilty because they are sanctioned by the United Nations, I am assuming that they suffer from a case of gangrenous naiveté.   For if one is to analyze the nations that are represented in such an illustrious institution that so consistently votes against Israel’s interests, one becomes aware that most of those nations practice the constant abuse, torture, maiming, murder and subjugation of their citizens.  To believe that the one thing they do right is to be able to assess and judge Israel can only be explained by their eagerness to have others, in this case the United Nations, talk and walk the anti-Semitic rhythms that they are too coward to demonstrate.

One final note.  It has been said, mostly by the Muslim-Arab world, that there would be no problems in the Middle East if it were not for the existence of the State of Israel.  Without such state, the Jews of the region would be living under Muslim domination and would be allowed to thrive at the discretion of their masters.  But we should know better.  There was a period of almost two thousand years when there was no Israel, when Jews lived as part of, but in isolation within other nations throughout the world, certainly in the Middle East and in Europe.  When those Jews had no army and were not aggressive, and in spite of it, they were considered third class citizens everywhere; they were persecuted everywhere.  Even during the times when Jews were permitted to live in relative peace and even when some of them were chosen as advisors to various courts, they still lived by the grace of their “benefactors”.  So it is clear that the State of Israel is not the reason for anti-Semitism, it is quite clear that Jews are the reason for anti-Semitism and, by extension, anti-Israelism.  Logic is too much on the side of my arguments to be denied.  Denial of logical thought is currently considered in medical textbooks as significant mental derangements, mostly treatable with modern medications.  The problem is how to get people with deranged minds to take their medications on time.

The End