Floria Tosca Oil 36 x 24 2010

Floria Tosca
36 x 24

To climb so high upon a city
and scratch the heavens with your voice
with eyes as dark as ravens’ wings
and lips to conjure kiss and song.

There is no woman of such beauty
there is no eye that has not shed a tear
upon seeing you on stage
Oh greatest of all the greatest
that makes my heart stand still.

But deep within your chest hides
the monster that propels your soul
the infinite darkness that
swallows alive all those that you love
It is that darkness upon which
rapacious birds feed
their inexhaustible lust for decay
it is the source of death and sorrow
it is the shadow that kills love
when you doubt its very pureness
and for that, dearest Floria,
consummate diva
you must float away
from high parapet
until your lovely body finds eternal
peace against the coldness of the stones.

Saúl Balagura January, 2010