There lies within my soul
a yearning to go back
a chain pulling on my heart
to return to where I was
at a time that has long been past.

I long for days as mild
as cloudy skies
covering the bluest of skies
and unshaven hills
bending their beards
to the gentle winds
that always come
when the days go by.

I dream of large brown eyes
and gentle picaresque looks
of ponies unencumbered
by the saddle of man
and a small hand caressed
by their velvety snout.

I dream of nights
dark under a starry dome
watching her undress
within my dreamy thoughts.

Oh, how I want to go back
and return to a place
that never was
How much I suffer knowing
that memories of the past
are just memories floating away
within the current of death.

Saúl Balagura Apr.16, 2013